9 Foods Baby Boomers Must Avoid

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Aging is a natural process. It is the time when our body starts to lose some of its original strength and becomes more vulnerable to various diseases. As we age, we are more prone to get Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, and many other serious health problems. We (as a baby boomer myself) need to take in more calories and protein as our metabolism slows down.

And for this reason, our diet needs to adapt and change to accommodate our body’s metabolic shift. The key is to stick to a healthy diet that will not only provide us with enough nutrients but also keep our health in check. There are some foods that we should avoid because they can lead to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

We need to be careful about our diet as we age. We baby boomers are particularly susceptible to the effects of certain foods. Some foods that are high in salt, sugar, or fat can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Diets containing too much saturated fat and cholesterol, including those with animal fats or tropical oils, can increase the risk of heart disease.

Here are 9 foods that we baby boomers should avoid and how these foods affect our health:

1. Sugar-laden food – Sugar can cause weight gain which in turn leads to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia.

2. Fatty meat – High-fat content is linked with high cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease or stroke.

3. Fried foods– We should avoid anything deep fried in oil when we’re looking for a balanced diet. This includes fried meat, fried fish, and fries. We should also stay away from processed meats like bacon or ham, which are high in salt and preservatives. Fried foods are high in cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

4. Salty foods– Too much salt can increase blood pressure and lead to heart disease or stroke.

5. Deep fried vegetables– These contain more fat and calories than other vegetables cooked in a different method, say steamed vegetables. Deep fried vegetables can lead to weight gain or unhealthy cholesterol levels.

6. White bread– White bread has less fiber than whole grain bread, so it can be tough on our digestive system and lead to constipation or diarrhea in some people over time.

7. High sugar drinks– High sugar drinks (like sodas) are filled with empty calories that don’t provide any benefits for our body but will pack on the pounds if we consume them regularly.

8. Alcohol
 – Alcohol consumption is linked with liver cirrhosis and cancer. Additionally, consuming alcohol also leads to increase in falls and fractures among us baby boomers.

9. Potatoes, cabbage, rice and pasta
 – are the most common carbohydrate-rich foods in the Western diet. They cause a spike in blood sugar that will lead to insulin resistance over time. This may lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. These foods take longer to digest and have a higher glycemic index which can cause health problems.

Eating healthy helps to prevent these problems. However, as we grow older, we often find it harder to maintain a healthy diet because we lose our interest in food or our sense of taste is dulled by medications like antidepressants and diuretics.

Healthy food preparation takes time and effort and who has the time to do it? If you’d like to know more about a convenient way to get the nutrients without the hassle of a lengthy food preparation (this is what I’m doing and it really helps me get through the day with improved energy levels).

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