How You Can Die From A Broken Heart, Literally (Must-Read For Baby Boomers!)

Nov 22, 2021

How You Can Die From A Broken Heart, Literally (Must-Read For Baby Boomers!)

 'Love hurts' is a phrase often heard, even though it's usually turn by people to be a romantic joke. In reality, though, love can cause pain that other things in life cannot match. Here are examples of how it can end up hurting you.


Mortality Rate from Love-Related Stress

Doctors have been known to believe that the stress felt from being in a relationship could kill you if left unattended. The stress hormone called cortisol consumed the person as a result of all the emotions experienced during a breakup or a divorce. This could lead to fatal health problems such as blood pressure and heart disease. A study was done with over one million participants who had suffered some form of negative relationship events, resulting in an increased mortality rate among them.


Deaths from Broken Hearts

There is usually a higher risk of people dying within an hour after losing their significant other to death, also known as Broken Heart Syndrome, than there is for people who have suffered natural heart attacks. Although it may not be deadly in the long-term sense, this condition has led to the sudden deaths of at least 2,500 worldwide throughout history even though its existence is debated.


An Increase in Risk-Taking Behaviors

The intense emotions felt when it comes to romantic love can cause some people to engage in reckless behaviors that could lead them into trouble or fatalities; murder and suicide are only two examples out of many. This problem arises due to all the hormones released during love which make you feel "high" and invincible.


Positive Outcome from Love-Related Stress

For all the potential problems, there are also advantages to being in love. The 'feel good' hormones released by your brain have been shown to have effects on depression, anxiety, stress, mental health and memory among others things. There is nothing worse than being lonely either since it can cause people to feel depressed or die younger due to cardiovascular diseases.

To conclude, the case of broken hearts proves that love might hurt but this pain isn't always bad for you. If anything, enjoy life while you still can because once it's gone it won't come back. But if you still want more information about how this happens then continue reading below...


How Can You Die from A Broken Heart?


The Story of a Man That Died from a Broken Heart

A colleague of mine once told me a story about his friend who died from a broken heart. He said that the man had been close to his ex-girlfriend for almost ten years and they were pretty much best friends. They would go on dates, hang out with each other’s' families and even share secrets. One day, she suddenly called him up saying that she didn't want to be in a relationship anymore so she ended it right there and then...just like that.

The guy was devastated at first because he had no idea what was going on at first or why she felt so cold all of a sudden after being so warm. However, after a few weeks he started to feel better and even though he was still sad about the breakup he accepted it as his destiny.

Somehow, his ex-girlfriend was able to successfully convince herself that their friendship was now over because according to her they could no longer be friends now that they were apart. She avoided talking to him at work or even looking at him when she walked by. It seemed almost like she wanted nothing to do with him anymore which made my colleague's friend wonder if maybe this way of thinking may have been for the best...

One day, he discovered something shocking on Facebook: His ex-girlfriend had taken up with another guy around the time they broke up. The two of them were already in a relationship by that time yet his friend got the blame for their breakup!

The guy started feeling really stressed out about this situation because he still wanted to be friends even though he understood why she wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore. He eventually decided not pay attention to them and just put in his best efforts at work so that they couldn't get rid of him.

He confided in my colleague that he felt a weight had been lifted off his chest since he had finally found someone new after ten years. His family noticed a change in him as well which was positive...yet when they asked what was going on, he never told them the truth.

In fact, one day, when he went out drinking with some co-workers, he drank so much that when he got home he couldn't even stand anymore and ended up collapsing on the floor in his room. The next thing my colleague's friend knew was when he woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors and nurses frantically trying to save him.

He had broken his heart...literally!

I believe this is one of the worst ways you can die and it's becoming more common these days because of how many people get cheated on or end up being left alone for one reason or another. I'm not saying any of this to scare anyone but death from a broken heart really can happen especially if you let it destroy what little life you have inside you.

The article above contains information about how some scientists say you could actually die from a broken heart. If you are interested in learning more about this topic then continue reading for some useful information...


Why Is It Called A "Broken Heart" Anyway?

Some scientists have recently discovered that when someone experiences stress or sadness so intense, it can break one of the valves in their heart. It's even been called "broken-heart syndrome" and causes

blood to pool around your lungs which makes it hard to breathe. The good news is that most cases aren't as extreme as they used to be back in the Middle Ages but just because you're not going to physically die from a broken heart doesn't mean you won't be left feeling sick and depressed for months or maybe even years or the rest of your life!


What Is It Called When Your Heart Just Gives Out Once and For All?

Scientists are still trying to figure this out but they know that it's not called "broken-heart syndrome" because you really can die from a broken heart. This can happen when someone is feeling stress, sadness, anger, shock...basically all negative emotions which make our blood pressure go crazy. Anyone who has had a near death experience by drowning probably knows how it feels like your heart just stops working but I can't say for certain if this happens with everyone because there hasn't been many studies done on this subject.


How Can You Protect Yourself from A Broken Heart Or Some Other Sadness-Related Problem?

It's not always easy to predict what will make you stressed out or sad but just remember that too much of anything is bad for your health. I'm sure you've heard people before say that smoking harms your lungs and the same goes for the way we think because it's bad for our hearts! If there's someone in your life who makes you feel negative emotions time after time, it might be best if you distance yourself from them so they can't hurt you anymore. I don't mean this in a rude or unkind way, it's just how we were made: Negative energy and positivity don't mix well together so please be careful!

If you want to make your heart healthy and strong then please click HERE to learn more.

I hope you learned something useful today and that you will share this information with anyone else who might be interested. Have a nice day!




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