7 Natural Treatments for Gout Flare-Ups

The “rich man’s disease” is one of the most debilitating chronic illnesses. Gout is a painful condition caused by the accumulation of uric acid in joints, notably the feet. It can be difficult to accomplish anything without putting sufferers’ lives on hold. Gout outbreaks are difficult to control, but there are a few natural remedies […]

4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Sleep

The benefits of optimizing sleep are legion—everything from more time awake and alert to higher creativity, better concentration, memory, learning ability, productivity, and problem solving. Proper sleep also promotes a youthful glow and razor sharp focus; alleviates cognitive decline; offsets stress-induced premature aging and boosts immunity. It even makes you appear younger! How much sleep […]

How Vegetable Oil Can Be As Deadly As Poison

Do you know what the #1 cooking fat in America is? Nope, it isn’t butter. Yep, according to a recent survey by the market research firm Technomic, Americans are turning away from saturated fats like butter and lard—they now prefer vegetable oils! And which oils do they use most frequently? Canola, corn, soybean, and safflower. […]

You Could Be Making These 8 Cholesterol Mistakes

You may have been motivated to eat healthier, exercise more, and take medicine after receiving a diagnosis of elevated cholesterol. Is there, however, something impeding your success? Check to see if you’re making any of these cholesterol blunders. Making mistakes like forgetting to take your cholesterol medicine can greatly raise your risk of cardiovascular disease. […]

Sugar: The Greatest Scam of the 21st Century

The first time I heard the statement that “sugar is more addictive than cocaine” it struck me that this was actually a pretty bold claim. Nobody can deny that cocaine has some very serious potential dangers, addiction included. But there are other drugs out there which are considered to be far worse and carry much […]

The Dangers Of Wheat

Wheat is not good for you. However, the public has been misled on this topic by food companies and a complicit mainstream media. Its effects are so insidious it’s almost unbelievable why wheat isn’t banned completely in every nation of the world—if we simply applied some common sense to the situation; that is, testing how […]

Lose Weight Naturally with GABA

If you want to lose weight naturally, then GABA may be the best route to go. Here are the benefits of taking GABA supplements: GABA is an abbreviation for gamma amino-butyric acid. It is naturally produced in the brain and used as a neurotransmitter that helps to reduce anxiety and stress while improving sleep quality. […]