Sugar: The Greatest Scam of the 21st Century

The first time I heard the statement that “sugar is more addictive than cocaine” it struck me that this was actually a pretty bold claim. Nobody can deny that cocaine has some very serious potential dangers, addiction included. But there are other drugs out there which are considered to be far worse and carry much […]

7 Collagen Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

They would catch a wild animal to eat back in the days of primal man, and they weren’t just eating boneless, skinless grilled muscle meat. Nope. Primal man ate the average land animal from head to tail. Did you know that the ‘non-meat’ stuff accounts for nearly half of a cow’s weight? Bones, tendons, skin, cartilage, […]

Is Biotin Good For You?

There is plenty of biotin in the food we eat. Biotin is a vitamin that is good for the body; biotin supplements are also good for maintaining your health and therefore biotin can be taken as a supplement by those who may want or need to take biotin in higher amounts than what they get […]