10 Healthy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The past few decades have brought numerous advances in the way science understands heart disease. Yet more people die from this disease today than ever before. This points to a need for increased awareness and education regarding heart health. It also emphasizes the importance of lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce one’s risk […]

Sugar: The Greatest Scam of the 21st Century

The first time I heard the statement that “sugar is more addictive than cocaine” it struck me that this was actually a pretty bold claim. Nobody can deny that cocaine has some very serious potential dangers, addiction included. But there are other drugs out there which are considered to be far worse and carry much […]

Managing Diabetes Effectively

How is type 2 diabetes diagnosed? Type 1 or type 2 diabetes can usually be diagnosed in the early stages by a simple blood test. The type of diabetes that you have is determined through a combination of your symptoms: your body type and the results of a fasting blood sugar (glucose) test. An oral […]