4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Sleep

The benefits of optimizing sleep are legion—everything from more time awake and alert to higher creativity, better concentration, memory, learning ability, productivity, and problem solving. Proper sleep also promotes a youthful glow and razor sharp focus; alleviates cognitive decline; offsets stress-induced premature aging and boosts immunity. It even makes you appear younger! How much sleep […]

7 Collagen Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

They would catch a wild animal to eat back in the days of primal man, and they weren’t just eating boneless, skinless grilled muscle meat. Nope. Primal man ate the average land animal from head to tail. Did you know that the ‘non-meat’ stuff accounts for nearly half of a cow’s weight? Bones, tendons, skin, cartilage, […]

How To Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep is an essential body process, and it’s one of the major ingredients for a healthy life. I believe that lifestyle factors such as the quality of sleep we are getting each night affect how we look, how we feel in general, and how long we will live. Therefore, getting good sleep should definitely be […]